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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

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Hathaway Recovery is dedicated to tailoring to the unique needs of each client seeking recovery from addiction. Our facility offers a variety of levels of care within the greater Los Angeles area including residential treatment, outpatient programs, and intensive outpatient programs. Our intensive outpatient program provides clients with consistent, flexible, and focused therapeutic addiction recovery support. Clients in Los Angeles, California who attend our IOP program will not reside at the facility, however, they will participate in on-campus therapy and treatment multiple days during the week. 

Intensive outpatient programs are structured in an almost identical way as inpatient or residential treatment programs in California. IOP programs in Los Angeles often require clients to participate in a specific number of hours of therapy each week. Some of the most common addiction treatment services offered in IOP programs in California include group therapy, individual therapy, and active involvement in 12-step and other support groups. IOP programs focus on helping each client adapt and apply life and coping skills that are learned during an intensive inpatient treatment program in California.

What is a Los Angeles, California Intensive Outpatient Program?

Individuals who are addicted to one or more substances struggle with complex issues that prevent them from living a happy, healthy life. When an individual abuses drugs and/or alcohol, they simply cannot fathom the thought of attempting to tackle their issues head-on without the assistance of professional help. However, when an individual seeks the necessary help of our Los Angeles IOP program he/she will receive the services needed to maintain continuous sobriety.

Hathaway Recovery’s IOP program in California offers addiction recovery services to clients in San Bernardino and the greater Los Angeles area. Our IOP not only addresses substance use disorder, but we also treat any other mental health issues through our dual diagnosis treatment program as well. The foundation of Hathaway Recovery’s intensive outpatient program is the combination of relapse prevention, individual therapy, and group therapy addiction treatment services. 

Outside of individual and group therapy, our California intensive outpatient program also provides different developmental, life, and coping skills groups including:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Stress management
  • Trauma-informed care
  • How addiction affects the brain
  • Life skills
  • Couples therapy
  • Aftercare
  • Family therapy

Why Choose an Intensive Outpatient Program?

It is a common misconception that individuals who struggle with the disease of addiction make the choice to put their substance abuse everything else in their lives. Science has proven that addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease of the brain that requires professional treatment to mitigate the symptoms of the disease and ultimately overcome addiction. Once an individual has developed an addiction, there could be a number of contributing factors such as genetics, peer pressure, environment, past trauma, and even underlying mental health conditions.

IOP programs in California are usually recommended for individuals in two scenarios. The first scenario is the patient who has already completed detox and spent time in the residential rehab program and then transitions to IOP. The second scenario is for individuals who either do not require detox or have completed detox but must maintain their commitments to their children, school, or work. In this case, individuals will receive the same treatment services as individuals in residential treatment programs while having the ability to return home to participate in their responsibilities.

Intensive Outpatient Program at Hathaway Recovery

When you enter an intensive outpatient treatment program at Hathaway Recovery, our experienced and compassionate staff will provide you the support and tools you need to transition back into your life full-time. In order to ease this transition, our programs emphasize a continuum of care including individual and group therapy, 12-step group involvement, and commitment to your aftercare plan.  

The staff at Hathaway Recovery are highly experienced and trained in treating addiction diseases. Many have experienced the addiction themselves and have overcome the challenges of addiction. Therefore, you can find comfort in knowing our compassionate team can identify with you because they have already been through the process of addiction recovery and understand the different emotions and physical changes that you will be going through. These relationships can form a foundation of trust for your therapeutic journey to help you in your recovery.

Making the decision to get sober is the most important decision you will make. Hathaway Recovery’s IOP will help you stay focused, acquire the necessary tools, establish sober support, and overcome your addiction. From evidence-based and intensive therapy and treatment services to the compassionate care our professionals – Hathaway Recovery is here to help. Our California intensive outpatient treatment programs will stand beside you every step of the way as you overcome your addiction and integrate back into your day-to-day life. 

If you or your loved one is dealing with addiction, don’t wait. Call our recovery program now. Our phone line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for free professional and confidential assessments. Our experts will help you sort through the many questions, concerns and challenges you may be facing in getting your loved one help. Freedom from addiction is possible.


  • After searching many rehabs and after spending so much money to useless facilities we finally found Hathaway . From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank all the staff and all the residents that made my sons recovery easier from beginning to end.

    Gayane A.
  • Hathaway truly saved my life. I am so grateful to have had an opportunity to go there. I came in at absolute rock bottom, 9 rehabs later and countless sober livings. I can tell you that this treatment center is different then every other one I’ve ever been to.

    Justin J.
  • Hathaway Recovery Center is the real deal. They helped me find myself when I was completely lost. After I lost the mother of my child due to a tragic accident. The therapists and counselors truly cared. We made a relationship with each other that was unbreakable. The other clients were awesome roommates and true to me. The house managers were great and the living situations were awesome. If I ever even think about slipping up I’ll be returning. Today I have over one year clean.

    Jimmie R.
  • After running into some trouble with the law, a substance abuse counselor suggested that I check myself into Hathaway Recovery. Hathaway Recovery helped me get my life back together one step at a time. Through discipline, routine, and structure, I can honestly say that this treatment center has helped me tremendously! The staff are very helpful and caring to each person’s needs, and helped me to realize the beauty of living a sober life.

    Josh M.
  • Hathaway Recovery stuff saw potential In me when I couldn’t. They showed me a new way of life, a better life. Coming to Hathaway recovery is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m beyond grateful for everything the program has done for me!

    Gilberto F.
  • Finally, Hathaway is a Treatment Center that offers a holistic approach to addiction. This center offers a safe place, community and a network to grow with throughout your recovery process. They make you feel that you are NOT alone. The leadership has been in your shoes!!! Hathaway Recovery is more than just a temporary fix, it is a foundation, a movement, a family to be a part of.

    Anthony P.
  • One of the best places I have been too! They really know how to treat you and very professional!

    Ashley A.
  • Hathaway Recovery and their staff have been nothing but supportive and understanding throughout our family member’s journey. I truly appreciate all the staff and their hard work. The communication has been great and has provided us a really positive experience. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a rehabilitation center for themselves or a loved one. Thank you Hathaway Recovery!

    Lilit H.
  • Hathaway Recovery is a very solid, very friendly place. My boyfriend decided to go here and has spent a significant amount of time at the recovery house. They are very good at bringing clients to meetings and on fun outings occasionally! Hathaway is committed to their clients’ recovery and their sobriety and to helping them in any way possible. They go above and beyond for the clients and I definitely would recommend considering Hathaway for your sobriety/recovery.

  • Hathaway is a warm caring treatment oriented environment to receive help from various addictions and behavioral problematic issues. The location itself is serene and safe.. I enjoyed the both staff/professional’s and patient’s… It has many services available, a very unique place… I recommend anyone to come and receive long-term treatment here at Hathaway…

  • Hathaway Recovery is a very solid, very friendly place. My boyfriend decided to go here and has spent a significant amount of time at the recovery house. They are very good at bringing clients to meetings and on fun outings occasionally! Hathaway is committed to their clients’ recovery and their sobriety and to helping them in any way possible. They go above and beyond for the clients and I definitely would recommend considering Hathaway for your sobriety/recovery.

  • “There was no longer any doubt in my mind that I was in the right place for my drug abuse treatment, “Of all the rehabs I could have chosen, I am glad I picked The Hathaway Recovery Support hope respect and care is what i was offered thanks for everything Hathaway recovery you are the best

  • Hathaway Recovery is an awesome place the whole staff has been so helpful they are very professional and very nice Hathaway recovery is a great place to get your addiction treated my brother is doing very well there and we are so glad they were very understanding and willing to help him.

  • A very welcoming environment and kind hearted staff that really took care of my relative and cleaned him up. Thanks Hathaway recovery.

  • When your loved one is sick and needs help you look for the best and I found the best for my son thank you for everything you did for him.


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