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Hathaway Recovery takes Health and safety for our patients as top priority, therefore we are committed to the following the strict LA County guidelines and CDC standards of enhanced environmental cleanliness at our facility:

  • Holding a log for all staff members and taking their temperature and filling out a questionnaire based on their arrival
  • COVID testing every 14 days for all staff members
  • Safety equipment to be worn by staff at all times
  • Sanitizing of light switches, door handles and knobs every four hours
  • All staff are required to wear face coverings while in the facility; face coverings are strongly recommended for all patients and visitors
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all common areas
  • Group rooms are cleaned after each use and sanitizing all the milieu at least twice a day per day
  • Each new admission is screened multiple times prior to arrival at the facility
  • All staff, patients and visitors are screened at the door prior to entering our buildings

We are living in unprecedented times. Our prayers are with the families currently dealing with COVID-19 and other serious illnesses, particularly those who have lost a loved one.  All of us in some way have been impacted by the uncertainties related to this dangerous virus.  For some, it means cancelled travel plans or events.  For others, it means lost work.  For those in healthcare, it means bracing for unknown clinical challenges.  For families with loved ones in senior care facilities, it means limited visits.

As the situation around COVID 19 continues to evolve, it is our intention and commitment to keep you informed of the extra precautions being taken within our programs to prevent the spread of this pandemic. While health and safety standards are a top priority every day, we are not only relying on established infection control policies and procedures but implementing additional preventative measures to further ensure the safety of our patients, residents, staff, and families.

Hathaway Recovery Center is continuously kept abreast of this rapidly evolving situation, including information and directives from state and local agencies including the CDC the World Health Organization, Jeicho Accredited and around Country offices of Health and Human Services. As new information is received, our Operation Team has followed by Jaicho accreditation and CDC advise following and developed and implemented additional preventative measures to further minimize exposure risk. Updates to our operations are communicated across our Continuum of Care daily to ensure all areas of patient care are in current compliance.

We are all tremendously grateful to the people serving on the frontlines of COVID-19 in essential services. This includes healthcare workers, first responders, grocery store clerks, gas station attendants, postal employees, delivery drivers, auto mechanics, and so many more. Not only are they ensuring we have essential care, supplies, and services, but they are often doing it while interacting with members of the public who could potentially make them ill.


Many States are reinstating a mask policy for individuals entering business establishments; others are still allowing people who are vaccinated to go mask-free.

We at Hathaway Recovery Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center are not swayed by public or political opinions but by our primary focus of putting the health of our patients and staff at the forefront. Using the CDC and our own internal best practices as guidelines, we have kept and enforced our indoor mask policy since the start of the pandemic. We will continue to enforce this policy and follow CDC guidelines.

3.17.2021 Update

Here at Hathaway Recovery Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center we are committed to your health and do not look to politicians, businesses, or social trends to determine our COVID-19 practices. Our decisions are made on evidence-based, scientific facts. We regularly review CDC guidelines, and messages from thought leaders in the healthcare space. Our ongoing research and our experience as a national healthcare provider makes us aware that social distancing, masks, handwashing and the numerous practices we have put into place save lives.

We are hopeful that the pandemic will be over soon – until then we will not let our guard down in the care and safety of our patients and staff.

Winter 2020 Update

Here at Hathaway Recovery Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center we as behavioral healthcare professionals, many of our employees have already received their first round of vaccines and others are scheduled to be vaccinated as soon as possible. While we are managing this process, all COVID-19 precautions under CDC guidelines continue to take place throughout our facilities including patient and staff screenings, ongoing preventative cleaning, social distancing, wearing of masks and other personal protective equipment, and more. We know that treatment for behavioral health issues are more crucial now than ever before. We are here to create a safe space for staff and the patients we serve.

Other than social distancing and washing hands, we take additional precautions to keep our patients safe:

At Hathaway Recovery Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center we closely and regularly monitor and follow the recommendations from the CDC and state-specific mandates, such as remaining at least 6-feet apart from each other and consistently washing hands, to name a few.

We require all staff to wear face coverings while in the facility; face coverings are strongly recommended for all patients and visitors.

Here at Hathaway Recovery Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center we conduct daily screenings of all staff, patients and visitors at the door prior to entering our facilities.

We are cleaning group rooms/meeting rooms/kitchen after each use; and sanitizing the milieu and highly touched surfaces at least once per shift.

We are providing telehealth services to our patients as needed.

Our COVID Response Team has been working with all facilities to provide a safe environment for those we serve.

Fall 2020 Update

Our Face Shield Policy

In some circumstances additional protection may be used to ensure the safety of staff and patients.  In addition to wearing face masks/coverings when working in close proximity to patients, a face shield is recommended for situations that include but are not limited to:

Completing a physical exam

Collecting vital signs

Sharing a computer screen

Collecting lab work

1:1 interaction that is less than 6 feet

Each staff member is assigned their own face shield for extended wear daily.  The staff member is responsible for writing their name on their face shield, cleaning it every day with alcohol and storing the face shield when not in use.

Here at Hathaway Recovery Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center we continue to monitor our COVID policies and update them as new information becomes available for the safety of our staff and patients.

Summer 2020 Update

Here at Hathaway Recovery Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center we continue to make patient safety and health our highest priority during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We have worked with industrial and cleaning experts to implement proactive cleaning protocols with the aim of reducing the risk of infection, illness and cross-contamination. Our staff is trained and supervised regularly to help ensure these cleaning protocols are fully implemented.

We continue to make sure that the safety and health of our patients and staff is top priority. Please note the latest guidelines as it relates to face coverings and cleaning protocols at our facilities:

Face coverings

We recommend that our staff wears face coverings/face masks if deemed appropriate based on the circumstances.

We encourage clients to wear face coverings/face masks if deemed appropriate based on the circumstances.


We have consulted with outside cleaning professionals to develop and implement preventive cleaning protocols for our facilities.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

We take the health and safety of our patients and staff very seriously. We are keeping up with the rapidly changing information around coronavirus (COVID-19). We are following the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations to help prevent the spread of any illness within our facilities.

Environmental Cleaning

Here at Hathaway Recovery Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center we have enhanced our environmental cleaning within our facilities to include frequent cleaning of commonly touched surfaces and increasing hand hygiene for patients and staff. In addition to this we have also increased the deep cleaning that is being done daily within the facilities.

Staff Precautions

We are educating and asking staff and clients to:

Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Stay home when you are sick.

Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.

Wash hands on a regular basis

CDC Recommended Patient Screening

In January we began to implement CDC recommended patient screening for all new admission prior to arrival to the facility and once again when they have arrived at the facility. You will see new signage outside of our buildings asking those with symptoms to not enter.

Ongoing Monitoring

As the situation continues to evolve, we will monitor and heed any recommendations from the CDC or local department of public health to close our facilities to those who are not there to participate in a patient’s therapeutic process.

As we continue to monitor the situation, we will keep you informed of any decision we make to modify treatment such as shifting to the use of telehealth or adjusting schedules of events. Our goal is to keep patients, their families, and our staff safe and informed during this time


  • Hathaway Recovery Center is the real deal. They helped me find myself when I was completely lost. After I lost the mother of my child due to a tragic accident. The therapists and counselors truly cared. We made a relationship with each other that was unbreakable. The other clients were awesome roommates and true to me. The house managers were great and the living situations were awesome. If I ever even think about slipping up I’ll be returning. Today I have over one year clean.

    Jimmie R.
  • After searching many rehabs and after spending so much money to useless facilities we finally found Hathaway . From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank all the staff and all the residents that made my sons recovery easier from beginning to end.

    Gayane A.
  • Hathaway truly saved my life. I am so grateful to have had an opportunity to go there. I came in at absolute rock bottom, 9 rehabs later and countless sober livings. I can tell you that this treatment center is different then every other one I’ve ever been to.

    Justin J.
  • After running into some trouble with the law, a substance abuse counselor suggested that I check myself into Hathaway Recovery. Hathaway Recovery helped me get my life back together one step at a time. Through discipline, routine, and structure, I can honestly say that this treatment center has helped me tremendously! The staff are very helpful and caring to each person’s needs, and helped me to realize the beauty of living a sober life.

    Josh M.
  • Hathaway Recovery stuff saw potential In me when I couldn’t. They showed me a new way of life, a better life. Coming to Hathaway recovery is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m beyond grateful for everything the program has done for me!

    Gilberto F.
  • Finally, Hathaway is a Treatment Center that offers a holistic approach to addiction. This center offers a safe place, community and a network to grow with throughout your recovery process. They make you feel that you are NOT alone. The leadership has been in your shoes!!! Hathaway Recovery is more than just a temporary fix, it is a foundation, a movement, a family to be a part of.

    Anthony P.
  • One of the best places I have been too! They really know how to treat you and very professional!

    Ashley A.
  • Hathaway Recovery and their staff have been nothing but supportive and understanding throughout our family member’s journey. I truly appreciate all the staff and their hard work. The communication has been great and has provided us a really positive experience. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a rehabilitation center for themselves or a loved one. Thank you Hathaway Recovery!

    Lilit H.
  • Hathaway Recovery is a very solid, very friendly place. My boyfriend decided to go here and has spent a significant amount of time at the recovery house. They are very good at bringing clients to meetings and on fun outings occasionally! Hathaway is committed to their clients’ recovery and their sobriety and to helping them in any way possible. They go above and beyond for the clients and I definitely would recommend considering Hathaway for your sobriety/recovery.

  • Hathaway is a warm caring treatment oriented environment to receive help from various addictions and behavioral problematic issues. The location itself is serene and safe.. I enjoyed the both staff/professional’s and patient’s… It has many services available, a very unique place… I recommend anyone to come and receive long-term treatment here at Hathaway…

  • Hathaway Recovery is a very solid, very friendly place. My boyfriend decided to go here and has spent a significant amount of time at the recovery house. They are very good at bringing clients to meetings and on fun outings occasionally! Hathaway is committed to their clients’ recovery and their sobriety and to helping them in any way possible. They go above and beyond for the clients and I definitely would recommend considering Hathaway for your sobriety/recovery.

  • “There was no longer any doubt in my mind that I was in the right place for my drug abuse treatment, “Of all the rehabs I could have chosen, I am glad I picked The Hathaway Recovery Support hope respect and care is what i was offered thanks for everything Hathaway recovery you are the best

  • Hathaway Recovery is an awesome place the whole staff has been so helpful they are very professional and very nice Hathaway recovery is a great place to get your addiction treated my brother is doing very well there and we are so glad they were very understanding and willing to help him.

  • A very welcoming environment and kind hearted staff that really took care of my relative and cleaned him up. Thanks Hathaway recovery.

  • When your loved one is sick and needs help you look for the best and I found the best for my son thank you for everything you did for him.


    Hathaway Recovery is an exclusive addiction rehab treatment center in California offering healing recovery from all substances. We’re proud to provide a great combination for drug, alcohol, psychiatric and psychological recovery treatment backed by experts in the addiction treatment field. Our drug and alcohol rehab is built on the cornerstone of care and compassion and accommodates clients and their families from all backgrounds to educate, inform, and create change around substance use disorder. In a secluded mountain hill luxury resort, our facility offers a therapeutic environment and array of clinical modalities to help individuals and their families. Our staff are also multilingual to address the needs of clients from anywhere in the world.


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