The detoxification of drugs and alcohol is aimed at healing the mind and body so that the individual can function mentally and physically to be able to begin the recovery process.

Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment recognizes the fact that although many will come in with the same drug use, that is no two identical cases of drug addiction being the same.

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Partial Hospitalization Program

Our rehabilitation center will provide you with the best traditional and alternative therapy program to satisfy the needs of recovery from your addiction.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The counselors at our facility are highly experienced and trained in treating addiction diseases. Many have experienced the addiction themselves and who have overcome the challenges of addiction just as the journey you are on.

Outpatient Program

It is only natural to assume that ones the rehabilitation treatment program are over; your addiction is to. That is only an assumption to be made.


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Hathaway is Luxury but affordable drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for men and women located in Los Angeles County, Claremont Hills at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains and the Angeles National Forest next to Mt. Baldy Road that offers residential as well as outpatient services and accepts clients from all states of Unites States.

Hathaway is located on beautiful acres of land with mountain front estate that spreads among unforgettable and breathtaking nature far  from city crowd.  Hathaway Recovery is a leader in Co- Ed (women and men)  treatments, Having a great professional staff -to-client ratio and individualized setting allows for each  treatment  tailored to each client’s unique needs. Our beautiful mention features an abundance of several private therapy rooms, lounge space, private bedrooms with separate showers and tubs,individualized guesthouse for detoxification , personal cook and bright kitchen, in house movie theater, heated pool, Jacuzzi , tennis court, play room , fruit  garden , Gym, and recreational amenities to help with successful recovery.

We hosts a unique and individual in-house philosophy that allows our professional staff and best city addiction experts to guide and develop a comprehensive treatment. Hathaway Recovery has 24 hour monitoring and supervision with several in house licensed addiction experts  that  support and encourage clients and help them to archive their goals to recovery.

Hathaway believes that the right facility is one that has the comfort of home and family and that what we offer our clients. We offer :Complete Health Evaluation. Complete Body Drug Detoxification. . Acute and Sub Acute  Withdrawal Care.

Hathaway is Joint Commission  Accredited facility that  has over 15 years experience in successfully rehabilitating individuals. We firmly believe that professional team, warm and welcoming approach and family atmosphere plays an instrumental role in achieving success while going through recovery.

We  strive to connect and reunion family, loved ones and clients together as one again. Hathaway considers luxurious addiction treatment center that opens their doors for help to everyone that really willing to be free from addiction chains We connect everyone together with the great support, understanding , professional guidance, and encouragement needed during the entire recovery process. Most of our staff passed same path that our clients and been in recovery for over 20 years and perfectly understand like no one else the successful journey to freedom from addiction.

Our Mission , experience, strength, hope, and guidance help create the concrete foundation that clients need for a free from the chains of addiction.  To provide life lasting recovery and support to everyone who is seeking help

Our programs at Hathaway allow our clients to have personal trans-formative growth. We achieve this growth by involving not only professional licensed and certified staff but also family members of clients for a deeper and more meaningful transformation. We also believe that individual and intimate group settings cause for greater transformation.

No one plans to become addicted to drugs, but once a drug or alcohol addiction has  developed, you should be in right hands to be able to fight it. Our long experience shows that clients should not try to fight addiction by their own, that is why we are here to offer our help and hands with greatest mission that we have in front of us This is a reason why Hathaway has great success rate between other rehabilitation program.