Partial Hospitalization Program

Our rehabilitation center will provide you with the best traditional and alternative therapy program to satisfy the needs of recovery from your addiction. Our therapy program also includes many recovery-enhancing activities in which will provide you with the means to recover both mentally and physically. We have the utmost respect for each patient and take their individual needs, interests, and beliefs through the program progress so you can become cured of your addiction.

Our team of professionals dramatically believes that the more time and efforts invested into them, the better the outcome of their treatment and recovery will be. This is the reason our facility programs are designed to enable patients to individually customize the treatment program that they feel best suits their needs. Also, there are core therapies that are included for our patients, and all have equal opportunities to take advantage of them at their request once a clinical and holistic service has been met for an additional fee.


The therapy programs for addiction is based on the clinical needs of the patient and the length of stay that is determined for them. Some of the therapies that are offered at an additional fee include:

  • Therapies
  • Counseling
  • Psychiatry
  • Trauma Treatment
  • Other options

Therapy for the Individual

The treatment provided for individuals is based on frequent intervals and includes one-on-one sessions with a highly-qualified and state-certified therapist. This approach is essential to the processes of the individual treatment plan. The sessions provide the patients with further opportunities so that they may work through an intensive challenge other than the addiction and recovery process. These therapy sessions also enable relationships to build among the individual and the therapist so that the patient to begin exploring their interpersonal challenges while working in collaboration with the therapist on their journey for recovery. As the schedules permit, additional therapy sessions can be made but at an additional cost.

Family Involvement

Addiction not only affects the one using but also affects the family and loved ones surrounding them. The treatment plan needs to include the family during the treatment and recovery process. Therefore, we place emphasizes the how the family becomes involved with the recovery of your addiction so that all can begin to heal from the toll that the addiction has placed. Family members are encouraged to participate in the Family Day programs that occur monthly. Family is also offered therapy sessions onsite or by phone. The essential goal of getting the family involved helps them understand the addiction from beginning to the end of recovery so that they can help support their loved ones reach their goals of sobriety.


Couples Therapy

Addiction is a disease that takes a toll on all involved, whether it is directly or indirectly. The loved ones of the patient must become a part of the treatment plan that has been customized through a systematic and holistic approach. Couples therapy has been a considerable success with how the integration of addiction can go from one partner to the other. Our facility helps couples deal with the distress, emotions, and anger that addiction has caused one or both. During the couple’s therapy sessions, the partners learn the different methods of engagement towards becoming more honest and open during conversation and communication, so that the needs of addressing relapse triggers, challenges in the relationship, and finding support for both partners are met.


Individual family therapy sessions are offered under the discretion of the client and primary therapist and may include participation with anyone significant in the client’s life such as a spouse, significant other, parent, or sibling. Individual family work identifies the values and norms in which families operate as well as areas that may need work. It also addresses aspects of the family affected by addiction such as communication and trauma.





 Throughout treatment, and in addition tocurriculum

based groups clients participate in educational groups

focused on the family system.