Outpatient Program

It is only natural to assume that ones the rehabilitation treatment program are over; your addiction is to. That is only an assumption to be made. You may spend a month or months in our program, based on your individual needs. During this time, you will find and develop the skills you need to live addiction-free, be provided with coping strategies and techniques, gain an insight to newly founded emotions, and receive knowledge on relapse prevention planning. Each of these concepts will be helpful to you so that you can begin building the foundation of your new life addiction-free and be in recovery for a long-term. However, addiction diseases are chronic, and each addiction requires commitment, dedication, resilience, and patients that are extended beyond what any facility can provide. This is where the aftercare support team comes into play. It is in this phase, that recovery is helpful when the newly founded resources are ongoing through outpatient therapy sessions, alumni activities in the community, support group participation, and providing peer support for those struggling just as you are.


The most appropriate time to prepare for the aftercare treatment you will need is through the active process of recovery and treatment. A common mistake made by many is developing the thoughts that they will not need aftercare treatment because they feel the rehabilitation has worked perfectly. However, this is a vital mistake to make and could end your life back into addiction or worse. Early recovery is essential and occurs at a very vulnerable point in your life. Adjusting the newly found life in recovery and combating your old habits is already challenging enough. Not at all. Making plans for aftercare treatment is essential during the active stages of your recovery, and our professionally staffed will walk you through every step of the way to make this happen. We not only to see your success with sobriety; we care enough that we never want to see you go back into addiction. Therefore we are with you every step of the way!