Physical incentive ensuing from LSD use causes the pupils to dilate, and blood pressure, heart rate speed, and temperature to mount. Acute or life-sinister physical effects are only prone to strike at doses exceeding 400 mcg, but the psychological effects can head to atypical and perilous conduct, potentially consequential in trivial injury and death. As users have no hegemony over the purity of the drug, it is intricate to envisage the upshot on the body and the mind. One of the dangers is that LSD can elicit a long-term psychotic state or persuade schizophrenia in susceptible individuals. Flashbacks, also known as hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD), and severe disorientation can transpire after only one dose. At our facility we have doctors, therapists, and psychologists that pay close attention and follow our patients that suffer with any mental or physical disorders alongside with our staff around the clock.