Hathaway Recovery will remain open and accepting new patients in needs who struggles from addiction.

We are living in unprecedented times. Our prayers are with the families currently dealing with COVID-19 and other serious illnesses, particularly those who have lost a loved one.  All of us in some way have been impacted by the uncertainties related to this dangerous virus.  For some, it means cancelled travel plans or events.  For others, it means lost work.  For those in healthcare, it means bracing for unknown clinical challenges.  For families with loved ones in senior care facilities, it means limited visits.

As the situation around COVID 19 continues to evolve, it is our intention and commitment to keep you informed of the extra precautions being taken within our programs to prevent the spread of this pandemic. While health and safety standards are a top priority every day, we are not only relying on established infection control policies and procedures but implementing additional preventative measures to further ensure the safety of our patients, residents, staff, and families.

Hathaway Recovery Center is continuously kept abreast of this rapidly evolving situation, including information and directives from state and local agencies including the CDC the World Health Organization, Jeicho Accredited and around Country offices of Health and Human Services. As new information is received, our Operation Team has followed by Jaicho accreditation and CDC advise following and developed and implemented additional preventative measures to further minimize exposure risk. Updates to our operations are communicated across our Continuum of Care daily to ensure all areas of patient care are in current compliance.

As a resource and benefit of being a unit of an Acute Care General Hospital, we provide the following:

  • 24hr Nursing Care (RN’s, LVN’s, CNA’s)
  • Emergency Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • Radiology Services
  • Pharmaceutical Services
  • Certified Infection Prevention Nurse
  • MD daily face to face assessment of all patients
  • 24hr Security Services

Additional preventative measures being implemented in response to COVID-19 Virus include:

  • Inpatients are screened every morning  for any symptoms associated COVID 19  before stepping out from their room 
  • All Medical, Nursing, Counseling, Therapy, Intake, and Administrative staff are screened daily per shift.
  • All visiting has been cancelled. Patients and residents are given the opportunity for Facetime visiting during visiting hours.
  • Passes and Outings, recreation activities, family visits  have been temporarily cancelled.
  • All outside speakers, including 12-Step Panels have been temporarily cancelled.
  • On-Site public events have been temporarily cancelled.
  • Small group ratios are being observed, as well as social distancing within the patient community.
  • Group Rooms are being sanitized by housekeeping staff after each therapy group.
  • Infection Control Rounds are facilitated daily by Senior Management
  • Nursing Student rotations have been temporarily cancelled.

Our priority is to face this crisis with Faith, Courage, and Commitment to our patients, staff and families who have placed themselves or their loved ones in our care and protection.

We are all tremendously grateful to the people serving on the frontlines of COVID-19 in essential services. This includes healthcare workers, first responders, grocery store clerks, gas station attendants, postal employees, delivery drivers, auto mechanics, and so many more. Not only are they ensuring we have essential care, supplies, and services, but they are often doing it while interacting with members of the public who could potentially make them ill.

Dina Rozenoyer, Director

Hathaway Recovery

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